Consulting assignments have included:

International Schools:

  • American International School, Vienna – Development audit and opportunity scan relative to campus re-location funding
  • Anglo-American School of Sofia, Bulgaria – feasibility study for the introduction of a development function in support of a new campus
  • Australian International School, Hong Kong – reviews of governance, finance, administration structure, fundraising opportunities and marketing performance; searches for Head of School, Business Administrator and Development Director
  • Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok – Board seminar and training on Development opportunities and induction of a Director of Development
  • British International School, Jakarta – Board seminar and training on Development opportunities
  • Chinese International School, Hong Kong – orientation and training for capital appeal volunteers re a major capital works program
  • Faith Academy, Manila – drafting of a fundraising business plan and subsequent support
  • German Swiss International School, Hong Kong – appointment of Head of Development re funding for a campus expansion program
  • Hong Kong International School – assistance with annual giving program and a study of staff housing options
  • IGB International School, Kuala Lumpur – Market and financial feasibility study and planning, development of an educational architectural brief
  • International School of Kuala Lumpur – Study and Board seminar on Development and planning; fundraising, alumni relations; marketing and admissions
  • International School of Phnom Penh – Board seminar on fundraising and planning strategies re the building of a new campus
  • Kellett School, Hong Kong – feasibility study for the introduction of a development function re a proposed move from a just Primary school to K -12
  • Langkawi Island International School, Malaysia – feasibility study
  • Munich International School – Board seminar on Development opportunities; capital campaign planning; annual giving and alumni relations planning
  • Seoul Foreign School, South Korea – feasibility study for the introduction of a development function and induction of two Directors of Development
  • Shanghai American School – feasibility study re philanthropic and corporate sponsorship support for capital works and school programs
  • Singapore American School – Assistance with the establishment of a Development function
  • St John’s International School, Brussels – Board seminar and training on Development opportunities
  • United World College of South East Asia, Singapore – feasibility study for the establishment of a Development Department for the funding of scholarships; review of the web site; ongoing advice re the encouragement of philanthropy

Australasian Schools:

  • Braemar College, Woodend – marking and admissions review
  • Fintona Girls’ School, Melbourne – marketing and fundraising review
  • Firbank Grammar School, Melbourne – fundraising feasibility study and on-going support for a capital appeal
  • Geelong Grammar School – review of Development operation and appointment of Director of Development
  • Mt Scopus College, Melbourne – review of all administration functions
  • Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, Christchurch – review of Development function and capital appeal feasibility study.
  • St Kevin’s College, Melbourne – advising on a capital appeal
  • Wesley College, Melbourne – capital appeal feasibility study and on-going support for two appeals; establishment of networking amongst alumni and parents in Asia; oversight of Bequest (Planned Giving) program


  • La Salle Universities and Schools, The Philippines – fundraising planning workshops (on 3 occasions for the 16 La Salle institutions)
  • Mannix College, Monash University, Melbourne – business plan for the introduction of philanthropy and recruitment of a Director of Development
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore – international tax deductibility advice re philanthropy and implementation
  • National University of Singapore – international tax deductibility advice for offshore philanthropy from alumni
  • New College, University of NSW, Sydney – review of business administration; assistance with the appointment of a Business Director
  • Queen’s College, University of Melbourne, – long term Business Plan re a three-stage capital works program and oversight of the Bequest (Planned Giving) program
  • RMIT University, Melbourne – audit of Development strategy and processes
  • Sampoerna Foundation, Jakarta – program and processes for alumni relations
  • University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ – annual giving feasibility study
  • University of Limerick, Ireland – evaluation of fundraising potential in Australia

Conference speaking assignments have included:


1998     EARCOS Administrators’ Conference – Shanghai, China

                             “Alumni Relations and Fundraising in International Schools”

2000     EARCOS Administrators’ Conference – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

                            “Researching and Establishing a Development Office”

2001    EARCOS Administrators’ Conference – Bangkok, Thailand

                            “Development Yes; but where are the gifts?”

2002    ECIS Administrators’ Conference – Budapest, Hungary

                            “Fundraising in International Education” – capital appeals and annual giving

2002    EARCOS Administrators’ Conference – Beijing, China

                            “Fundraising in International Schools – what’s worked and what hasn’t”

2002    AGIS Administrators’ Conference – Hamburg, Germany

                            “Development opportunities in International Schools”

2003     CASE Europe Schools Conference – Manchester, UK

                              “Critical Success Factors in International Fundraising”

2003     National University of Singapore Alumni Relations Seminar – Singapore

                            “Successful Alumni Relations Programs”

2004     ECIS Administrators’ Conference – Dublin, Ireland

                             “Development – What’s in it for my school”

2004    Tri Association Administrators, Conference – Mexico City, Mexico

                            “Development and Alumni Relations in International Schools”

2004    Malaysian & Singaporean International Schools Seminar – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

                            “Development and Marketing in International Schools”

2004    AISA Administrators’ Conference – Nairobi, Kenya

                            “Development and Alumni Relations in International Schools”

2005     CEESA Conference – Zagreb, Croatia

                              “Development and Alumni Relations in International Schools”

2005     ECIS Administrators’ Conference – Prague, Czech Republic

                          “International Development- What Lessons?” and “Major Gifts – How to Ask”

2005     CASE Asia International Schools Conference – Bangkok, Thailand

                            Numerous topics as a facilitator

2005     FOBISIA Heads’ Conference – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

                            “Best Practice Development in International Schools”

2006     CASE Asia Pacific Conference – Singapore

                             “Bequest and Legacy Case Studies and Opportunities in Education”

2006     ADAPE Biennial Conference – Auckland, New Zealand

                              “Making the Ask”, & “A Fundraising Ethical Hypothetical”

2006      CASE/EARCOS Administrators’ Conference – Bangkok, Thailand

                                “Five presentations on Board Relationships and Fundraising Case Studies”

2007     Search Associates Recruitment Fair – Bangkok, Thailand

                                  “Best practice fundraising and ventures case studies in international schools”

2007      Hong Kong International Schools’ Seminar – Hong Kong

                                   “Best practice fundraising and ventures case studies in international schools”

2007      International Schools’ Seminar – Beijing, China

                            “Fundraising, alumni relations and marketing case studies in international schools”

2007      CASE/EARCOS Administrators’’ Conference – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

                            “Fundraising Feasibility Studies“, “International Schools – the Macro Economic Scene”, “Making the Ask” and “A Fundraising Ethical Hypothetical”

2008     CASE Asia Pacific Conference – Hong Kong

                             “Pre-Conference orientation on working in Asia-Pacific”

2008      ECIS Administrators’ Conference – Lisbon, Portugal

                              “External Management Reviews in International Schools”

                              “Marketing and Fundraising Strategies in Tuff Economic Times”

                              “The Key Fundraising Partnership – Board, Head and Development Director”

2009        FOBISIA Heads’ Conference – Kathmandu, Nepal

                              “Marketing and Fundraising Strategies in Challenging Economic Times”

2009        CEESA Heads’ Conference – Krakow, Poland

                              “External Management Reviews in International Schools and the Role of Heads”

2011        International Schools’ Seminar – Jakarta, Indonesia

                            “Fundraising, alumni relations and marketing case studies in international schools”

2011        LAHC Annual Conference – Lima, Peru

                              “Development in International Schools – case studies of success”

2013        IPSEF Asian Conference – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

                            “Process of Feasibility Studies for new international schools”

2013        CASE Asia Pacific Conference – Singapore

                            “Bequests in international schools – the sleeping opportunity”

2019        IPSEF Asian Conference – Shanghai, China

                            “Philanthropy as part of the funding model for international schools”


1992     ADAPE/FIA Biennial Conference – Canberra, ACT

                            “1992 Australasian Fundraiser of the Year – Acceptance Speech”

 1996    ADAPE/CASE Biennial Conference – Gold Coast, Queensland

                            “Donor Research – a Vital Tool for Development Professionals”

1997     ADAPE “Discovering Development” Training Programme – Melbourne, Victoria

                            Case Studies: “Gifts that made a difference”

1998     ADAPE Biennial Conference – Adelaide, South Australia

                            “Senior Practitioners in Development – What are the Challenges”

2001     ASBA Biennial Conference – Sydney, New South Wales

                            “The Business Manager and the Changing Face of Development”

2001     ADAPE Regional Conference – Hobart, Tasmania

                            “Alumni Relations – How technology can assist effectiveness”

2004     FMRC Schools’ Development Seminars, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

                            “Development opportunities in independent schools”

2006     ACER Effective Schools Marketing Conference, Melbourne

                            “Community & Alumni Relations in Schools – Opportunities & Processes”

2016     Educate Plus Victorian Conference, Melbourne

                            “International opportunities – alumni relations and fundraising”

                            “Educational fundraising – ethical hypothetical”


ACER:        Australian Council for Educational Research

ADAPE:      Association of Development & Alumni Professionals in Education – Australia, now Educate Plus

AGIS:          Association of German International Schools

AISA:          Association of International Schools in Africa

ASBA:         Association of School Bursars & Administrators – Australia

CASE:         Council for Advancement & Support of Education – Nth America, Europe, Asia-Pacific

CEESA:       Central and Eastern European Schools Association

EARCOS:    East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools

ECIS:           European Council of International Schools

FIA:              Fundraising Institute of Australia

FMRC:         FMRC Education, Sydney, Australia

FOBISIA:     Federation of British International Schools in Asia

IPSEF:         International Private Schools Education Forum

LAHC:          Latin American Heads’ Conference

Tri Assoc:    Tri Association of International Schools, Mexico, Central America & The Caribbean

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