Speaking Engagements

Frank Opray’s conference speaking assignments have included:


1998     EARCOS Administrators Conference Shanghai, China

Alumni Relations and Fundraising in International Schools

2000     EARCOS Administrators Conference Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

                            Researching and Establishing a Development Office

2001    EARCOS Administrators Conference Bangkok, Thailand

                            Development yes; but where are the gifts?

2002    ECIS Administrators Conference Budapest, Hungary

                            Fundraising in International Education capital appeals and annual giving

2002    EARCOS Administrators Conference Beijing, China

                            Fundraising in International Schools what’s worked and what hasn’t

2002    AGIS Administrators Conference Hamburg, Germany

                            Development opportunities in International Schools

2003     CASE Europe Schools Conference Manchester, UK

                              Critical Success Factors in International Fundraising

2003     National University of Singapore Alumni Relations Seminar – Singapore

                            Successful Alumni Relations Programs

2004     ECIS Administrators Conference Dublin, Ireland

                             Development – What’s in it for my school?

2004    Tri Association Administrators, Conference Mexico City, Mexico

                            Development and Alumni Relations in International Schools

2004    Malaysian & Singaporean International Schools Seminar Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

                            Development and Marketing in International Schools

2004    AISA Administrators Conference Nairobi, Kenya

                            Development and Alumni Relations in International Schools

2005     CEESA Conference Zagreb, Croatia

                              Development and Alumni Relations in International Schools

2005     ECIS Administrators Conference Prague, Czech Republic

                          International Development- What Lessons? and Major Gifts How to Ask

2005     CASE Asia International Schools Conference Bangkok, Thailand

                            Numerous topics as a facilitator

2005     FOBISIA Heads Conference Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

                            Best Practice Development in International Schools

2006     CASE Asia Pacific Conference – Singapore

                             Bequest and Legacy Case Studies and Opportunities in Education

2006     ADAPE Biennial Conference Auckland, New Zealand

                              Making the Ask & A Fundraising Ethical Hypothetical

2006      CASE/EARCOS Administrators Conference Bangkok, Thailand

                                Five presentations on Board Relationships and Fundraising Case Studies

2007     Search Associates Recruitment Fair Bangkok, Thailand

                                  Best practice fundraising and ventures case studies in international schools

2007      Hong Kong International Schools Seminar Hong Kong

                                   Best practice fundraising and ventures case studies in international schools

2007      International Schools Seminar Beijing, China

                            Fundraising, alumni relations and marketing case studies in international schools

2007      CASE/EARCOS Administrators Conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

              Fundraising Feasibility Studies for International Schools – the Macro Economic Scene, Making the Ask and A Fundraising Ethical Hypothetical

2008     CASE Asia Pacific Conference Hong Kong

                             Pre-Conference orientation on working in Asia-Pacific

2008      ECIS Administrators Conference Lisbon, Portugal

                              External Management Reviews in International Schools

                              Marketing and Fundraising Strategies in tough Economic Times

                              The Key Fundraising Partnership Board, Head and Development Director

2009        FOBISIA Heads Conference Kathmandu, Nepal

                              Marketing and Fundraising Strategies in Challenging Economic Times

2009        CEESA Heads Conference Krakow, Poland

                              External Management Reviews in International Schools and the Role of Heads

2011        International Schools Seminar Jakarta, Indonesia

                            Fundraising, alumni relations and marketing case studies in international schools

2011        LAHC Annual Conference Lima, Peru

                              Development in International Schools – case studies of success

2013        IPSEF Asian Conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Feasibility Studies for new international schools

                            Bequests in international schools the sleeping opportunity

2019        IPSEF Asian Conference Shanghai, China

                            Philanthropy as part of the funding model for international schools

2021        Chapel & York, Asia Pacific

                            International Fundraising Across Borders


1992     ADAPE/FIA Biennial Conference – Canberra, ACT

                            1992 Australasian Fundraiser of the Year Acceptance Speech

1996    ADAPE/CASE Biennial Conference Gold Coast, Queensland

                            Donor Research – a Vital Tool for Development Professionals

1997     ADAPE Discovering Development Training Programme Melbourne, Victoria

                            Case Studies: Gifts that made a difference

1998     ADAPE Biennial Conference Adelaide, South Australia

                            Senior Practitioners in Development – What are the Challenges

2001     ASBA Biennial Conference Sydney, New South Wales

                            The Business Manager and the Changing Face of Development

2001     ADAPE Regional Conference Hobart, Tasmania

                            Alumni Relations How technology can assist effectiveness

2004     FMRC Schools Development Seminars, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

                            Development opportunities in independent schools

2006     ACER Effective Schools Marketing Conference, Melbourne

                            Community & Alumni Relations in Schools – Opportunities & Processes

2016     Educate Plus Victorian Conference, Melbourne

                            International opportunities – alumni relations and fundraising

Educational fundraising – ethical hypothetical


ACER:        Australian Council for Educational Research

ADAPE:      Association of Development & Alumni Professionals in Education Australia, now Educate Plus

AGIS:          Association of German International Schools

AISA:          Association of International Schools in Africa

ASBA:         Association of School Bursars & Administrators – Australia

CASE:         Council for Advancement & Support of Education North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific

CEESA:       Central and Eastern European Schools Association

EARCOS:    East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools

ECIS:           European Council of International Schools

FIA:              Fundraising Institute of Australia

FMRC:         FMRC Education, Sydney, Australia

FOBISIA:     Federation of British International Schools in Asia

IPSEF:         International Private Schools Education Forum

LAHC:          Latin American Heads’ Conference

Tri Assoc:    Tri Association of International Schools, Mexico, Central America & The Caribbean

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